Your need, our accomplishment
You are in the right place! The department of special projects in Ajakirjade Kirjastus provides client magazines, catalogues, books and web promotion in our media channels.


We are offering corporative print media publication service – client magazines on paper and web, product catalogues, annals, campaign flyers, gift books and many other special projects.
Besides publishing print-outs, we are providing smart web solutions and cross-media packages that are connected both with monthly (and weekly) magazines and their web channels.
Our services:

  • Concept creation of client magazines, client books and other publications
  • Creation of content: writing and publishing texts, photographing, translation, language correction, design and figuration.
  • Printing: setup for best print quality, printing.
  • Delivery and direct mailing.
  • Digital and cross-media marketing packages
  • Project management

 Client magazines and other publications
We are offering client magazines and publications as a full service – starting from concept and content creation, photographing, designing, printing and delivering – or also as an individual service.
We know about magazine publication more than any other in Estonia – how else can we be the market leader of magazine publication.
Our workers and partners have more than ten years of magazine production background – different famous magazine’s managing editors, journalists, professional photographers and experienced designers.
We are organizing events
Client fares, chef schools, galas, shop openings – offering marketing possibilities in order to reach the desired target group by introducing partners in the media that the events involve.
Book – always a solid solution
Publishing books has always been our main activity besides the magazine publication. More than 10 year experience in Estonian book market and knowhow of publishing very different books allows us to guarantee special projects to companies and organizations in order to provide annals, gift books and other publications.

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