AS Ajakirjade Kirjastus, the market leader of the Estonian magazine publishers industry, produces magazines, periodicals in print and electronic format aimed at individuals and professionals. The company attracts more than 600 thousand Estonian readers across its 13 print media brands: Kroonika, Eesti Naine, Naisteleht, Nipiraamat, Teleleht, Kodukiri, Anne & Stiil, Tervis Pluss, Oma Maitse, Pere ja Kodu, Kalale!, Käsitöö and Jana.

The number of  the weekly and monthly publications and their annual or biannual special editions over 30 magazines, and include such titles like Aed and Suvekodu – the annual special editions to Kodukiri; Kodu-eri – an annual special edition to Kroonika; beannual special editions of Oma Maitse; Beebi, Koolieelik, 9 kuud and Meie Lapse Tervis – the annual special editions to Pere ja Kodu; Elu lood – a quaterly issued special edition to Eesti Naine; Unistuste Pulmad – an annual special edition to Anne & Stiil and Kilo&Kalor – an annual special edition to Tervis Pluss, 55+  a biannual special edition of Naisteleht ; 10 crossword magazines: Ristik, Miniristik, Sudoku, Megaristik, Meistriristik, Ripsik, Pähklipureja, Eesti Naise Ristsõnad, Kroonika Ristsõnad, Telelehe Ristsõnad; several customer magazines as well as Tallinn This Week and different boardgame.

There are also 10 online-portals that belong to Ajakirjade Kirjastus’s portfolio:,,,,,,,,,

AS Ajakirjade Kirjastus (Ltd.) is owned in equal parts by Ekspress Grupp and Suits Meedia. The company was founded in 2000, and its Chief Executive and Chairman of the Board is Ms. Merle Viirma-Treifeldt

For more information, please call at +372 666 2600 or email on


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